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High welfare farming with Oink and Udder


We are hugely passionate about sharing the farm and doing everything we can to make sure everyone has access to it wherever possible. We make it our mission to ensure that our farm is socially sustainable and we do this through a collaborative approach, encouraging new entrants into farming as much as possible by opening up our land and giving access to ground.

Not only does this help new farmers just starting out, but it benefits the land and allows the farm to become a community once again, and we are so thrilled to be a stepping stone in that journey.

We are delighted to be sharing our farm with Chloe and David from Oink and Udder. First generation farmers demonstrating small scale, high welfare farming, and championing the production of nutrient dense, high quality food, and educating people on where their food comes from.

Their native rare breed cows and large black pigs are currently grazing our cover crops and woodlands. Not only does this provide the animals with happy, outdoor lifestyle and rich pasture, the land is benefitting from the nutrients being put back into the ground which supports our regenerative farming approach.

Hear more about it on this episode with input from Emma about why we encourage new entrants like these.