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Success at YEN Awards for wheat

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Nonington Farms achieved success at the national YEN Awards for crops grown in 2020 (awarded in 2021), winning first prize in the regional feed wheat section, and gaining third prize overall in the national milling wheat competition. The judges commended Nonington Farms for their innovative farming methods, noting particularly their ability to reduce their input costs by as much as 30% in one year, without affecting yield.

The YEN competition is a rigorous nationwide competition. Throughout the year the field you have entered in to the competition is monitored with soil tissue analysis and grain testing once the crop has been harvested. The test compares your yield potential against the yield achieved, so that it is a fair test across the country.

Nonington Farms was the only farm to win in both the feed and milling wheat category.

For 2021 Nonington Farms has entered in to the milling, feed wheat and bean competition.